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Loans & Lines of Credit

Our Personal Loans & Lines of Credit are all about ways for you to create custom plans to fund your next adventure.

Auto Loans

Get into your dream car faster with pre-approvals from our simple loan process. Zoom around confidently and stress-free.

Family driving in a car bought using an auto loan
Woman smiling while applying for a personal line of credit on her laptop

Personal Lines Of Credit

Simplify life’s curveballs with a single application, easy-to-budget credit line. Borrow only the funds you need at the time you need them without having to reapply during the term of the line of credit.

Other Secured Personal Loans

Whatever your financing needs, a secured loan will almost always bring you a more competitive interest rate. See us for a customized solution today.

Friends driving in a car bought using personal loans

Let Us Help You Finance Your Dreams

Idaho First Bank offers customized plans and a simplified loan process.

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