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President Updates

Date: March 1, 2024


As March arrives, we are teased by a brief taste of spring-like weather, only to be reminded that winter can be quite stubborn. The promise of spring, coupled with a few warm days, directs the focus of many towards the annual ritual of spring cleaning as a way to wash away the impact of winter and have a fresh look ahead to warmer days and a new season. It’s also the perfect time of year to take a fresh look at your financial goals, evaluate how they survived the long winter, and how you might want to adjust them looking forward.  Whatever goals you have, and whatever adjustments you’d like to make, springtime is the perfect season to sit down to meet with a Personal Banker. 


Having a plan and a roadmap helps you stay on track, as does meeting with an expert to help map the journey to whatever your financial goal may be.  Our team of bankers is ready to listen to your goals and help you build a plan for success.  To learn more about how you can “spring clean your finances” please visit our blog article for more tips here. I hope you find them useful, and they encourage you to schedule some time with one of our bankers.


We view our role as community bankers as a privilege and approach our work with the understanding that trust is earned. By prioritizing a People-First approach, we listen attentively to your unique circumstances before providing guidance. Our approach is to listen first and then provide guidance after we fully understand your individual situation.  It’s an approach centered in putting People First, and based on the number of new customers we welcome every month something our markets have been looking for. 

Todd Cooper

President | Idaho First Bank

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