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CEO Updates

Date: May 25, 2023


To the Stakeholders of Idaho First Bank –


Given the recent media attention surrounding the banking industry, I'd like to take a moment to discuss Idaho First Bank and emphasize the significance of community banking as a whole. Idaho First Bank has consistently dedicated substantial effort to utilizing our customers' deposits to benefit our local economies, offering loans to businesses and households within our home communities. These last three years have marked the most prosperous period in our bank's history, as we have expanded alongside the development of our region. We take immense pride in the role our bank has played in fostering growth and prosperity for businesses in all the communities we serve. This achievement can be attributed to our exceptional team, which consistently delivers the finest customer experience in the banking industry. As a result, we are now assisting more customers in reaching their financial objectives in our markets than ever before!

Our accomplishments are supported by a diversified customer base, spanning seven markets, and a prudent investment policy, both of which contribute to our resilience in the current market landscape. We are honored to be a community bank deeply rooted in the communities we operate within. Our customers work with us because we are their neighbors, and they recognize that their deposits are actively fueling the growth of local businesses and the creation of employment opportunities in their hometowns. This exemplifies the vital role that community banks fulfill in local economies across the nation. Supporting the growth and prosperity of small and medium-sized "main street" businesses is an area where community banks excel, surpassing other financial institutions. We consider ourselves fortunate to have established a bank that responsibly puts your deposits to work within our local areas. Our commitment is unwavering, as we continually strive every day to put People and Community FIRST!

Todd Cooper

CEO | Idaho First Bank

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