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Enjoy Spring Break Without Breaking Your Bank

You can feel it, spring’s right around the corner. You want to take a spring break trip, we get it, who wouldn’t? Traveling expenses can quickly add up though. Here’s some tips we suggest for surviving spring break without breaking the bank.

Set A Realistic Budget

Before you start planning, make a list of your potential trip expenses. Consider any extras, such as activities and hidden fees. Read reviews of activities and venues and weigh your priorities. Be honest with yourself on what you can actually afford to spend and start looking for travel deals ahead of time. The sooner you start planning, the better deals you can find.

Stay For Less

Instead of booking an expensive hotel room or Airbnb, consider alternative accommodations. Depending on where you are traveling, many tourist cities have youth hostels. Camping is another alternative. If you are traveling with others, board together and split housing costs. The dates you are traveling can also impact accommodation prices, look at booking during the week, instead of a Saturday or Sunday. Weekend prices tend to be higher.

Find Free Things To Do

Research free or discounted activities. A lot of college campuses offer discounted tickets to different attractions like movie theaters or amusement parks. Costco and Groupon are other great places to check. Many places like museums, also offer student discounts so take your student ID with you. There are also plenty of free activities to consider, like hiking and visiting parks.

Avoid Impulse Buying

While it’s tempting to buy all kinds of tourist goodies, like a coconut mug or that cool t-shirt, resist impulse buying by setting a budget each day and sticking to it. Consider leaving your credit card behind, or only carrying a set amount of cash to help control those impulsive urges to spend.

Plan Your Meals

One of the biggest ways to quickly go over budget is spending money on eating out. Be strategic in your meal planning. If you are driving, pack your own snacks and meals. If you are staying at a hotel that offers free breakfast accommodations, maximize your savings by taking advantage of this perk. Be picky with the meals you choose to eat out. If you have access to a kitchen or microwave, consider grocery shopping and eating in.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of spring break, by being a little creative and setting a budget, you’ll find yourself having an unforgettable trip that won’t damage your bank account (or credit card)!

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