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HOA & Property Management 

Community Banking Designed for Your Community 

We create individualized solutions, identifying ways to create operational efficiency and boost your savings so that you can focus on helping your communities thrive. 

HOA Deposit Solutions

  • Money Markets

  • Certificates of Deposit (CD's)

  • Money Market Sweep

HOA Loans & Credit 

  • Construction Loan 

  • Emergency Lines of Credit 

  • Term Loans

buying house with idaho first bank home loan
Getting keys to house purchased with idaho first bank loan

A Property Manager's First Choice

We understand the complexities of managing multiple properties and your need for reliable, trustworthy, and goal-oriented support. 

Product Solutions

  • Checking Accounts 

  • Money Market Accounts 

  • Savings Accounts

  • Certificates of Deposits (CD's)

  • Online Banking Solutions

  • Positive Pay 

  • Remote Deposit Capture 

  • Automated Sweeps 

  • Online Wire Services 

Take Advantage Of Our Expertise

We are here to help you succeed and meet the unique opportunities and challenges of your business. 

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