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President Updates

Date: June 28, 2024


Welcome Summer!


As I write this, the first summer heat wave is headed our way. After a longer-than-usual spring, it's time for warmer weather. We pride ourselves on being a bank for all seasons, and this means a couple of different things for us.


First, quite literally, we operate in mountain resort towns within our footprint, where the changing seasons often mean economic changes for our business customers. We take great pride in understanding the business cycles that come throughout the calendar year for our locally owned businesses. It's important to know what the beginning of summer means in every market we serve. Equally important is understanding the impact of slower times on our business customers and recognizing where the first snowfall signals the busiest season ahead. Because we have leaders in every market and because we live and work in each market we serve, we understand and are always willing to meet and work with local business owners to help navigate the economic seasons that follow the changing of the calendar season.


Second, 'all seasons' also refers to the seasons of our customers' lives. As the stages of a person’s life change, their financial goals and needs often change as well. We have talented people in every single branch ready to have a personalized conversation about how Idaho First Bank can help you achieve your financial goals. Every day, we help customers in every season of their financial journey. Because every customer is unique, we’re eager to apply our experience and knowledge to help you. We truly mean it when we say we are a bank for all seasons.


We are so lucky to live and work in markets where we get to experience all four seasons. We are also fortunate to have a team of bankers who understand what those seasons mean to each market and how they impact the people and businesses who live and operate there.



Todd Cooper

President | Idaho First Bank

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