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When you put people first, they’ll tell you about it

Idaho First is proud to have the trust and endorsement of the individuals and businesses listed here. We enjoy helping them dream, decide and design their personal and business successes with us. 

I love, love, love, Idaho First Bank. Awesome employees!! - Brandie

Website- Easy to use, convenient cashiers, very friendly, clean environment and good cookies! - Dennis

Excellent help, courteous and friendly at all times. Love the cookies and coffee too. - Jean

Good bank employees have always been helpful. Nicest staff I have ever dealt with. - Theresa

Thank you, I always love coming into the bank and being called by my name. - Virginia

Our experience with Eric and his team has been nothing short of amazing. Coming into our home buying experience, we had no knowledge of the process we were about to go through and we definitely weren't sure if buying a home was an attainable goal for us. Eric went above and beyond to meet our needs, whether it was scheduling meetings out of normal business hours to accommodate our schedule or making himself available for all of our questions. His super friendly team made this process incredibly easy and not even close to the nightmare that people told us that buying a home would be. We would absolutely recommend him and his great team to anyone! - Anonymous 

AWESOME lender to work with! Emily worked very hard and made our home-buying experience great! What I really appreciate about her is the personal touch. Emily spent several of her evenings working with my wife and I on our loan, since I work 9-5 and couldn't during work hours. Good luck finding another lender who will work around your schedule to make your purchase possible. She is very happy to explain and help clients understand the entire home-buying process and requirements so you don't have to learn the hard way! Let Emily help educate you before diving into the home-buying process like I did. So happy she earned our business and made our home purchase possible! THANK YOU EMILY!!! - Tyler

Thank you for all of your assistance!!! Kathy C. and your bank are very special! - Colleen

An e-mail to you this evening recognizing and praising the greatly appreciated professional assistance provided to me this morning by Kathy Crowther. This morning was an overly committed one for me with meetings but I escaped for half an hour at 11:30 am to visit the bank with a pretty urgent time issue problem regarding IRS electronic tax return payments that I discovered only IFB could solve for me. So I walk up to Kathy’s desk and say: “ I can tell you the story but I need a stop payment on a check and a fund transfer to a Charles Schwab Bank account now! With a pleasant smile Kathy looks and says: “ Well sit down and let’s get it done!” Kathy looked at my other checking account information and pulled up their’s website for transfers - and said my routing numbers were in conflict with them for such a transaction. I called the other and put Kathy on the line. It turns out another routing number through another branch was needed to complete my transaction. She filed out the forms as we talked, stop ordered an IFB check and electronically mailed the needed payment to Schwab before I cook eat my third homemade IFB cookie….So I intimated to Kathy that I had been involved with banking services for a half century and I wanted to know what banks she had worked for before arriving at the McCall Idaho First Bank. She smiled and said Sherry Maupin took a chance and hired her four years ago when the Idaho State Parks and Recreation office left McCall and she would not - and I was thinking: “Is this America’s Best Community or what?” Thought you would enjoy reading about my exceptional day! Always best wishes, Bob

By far the best bank I have "ever" dealt with, keep you the good work. - Anonymous 

Keep doing everything exactly the same and keep being the very best team around. - Anonymous 


The service is great and so are the cookies. - Anonymous 

You are all so great, thank you. - Joe